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Insertable Holiday Promos (Aug-Dec)

Insertable Holiday Related Plumbing Promotions (Aug-Dec)
Don’t let those night time noises scare you!
Maybe it’s time to let that creepy
old water heater out of the closet!
After years of hard work, your water heater may be full of sludge which leads to an early grave. If you hear rumbling and growling from the dark places where your water heater lives, (and you know you don’t have goblins) then your water heater may be getting ready give up the ghost. Call us before it’s too late! (but don’t scream!)
This coupon is good for $20 off our invoice!
Good through August 2022
A warm fire, a dry roof,
Neighbors who aren’t aloof,
Brothers, sisters,
uncles and aunts,
In-laws (without their rants).

Friends so faithful,
there when I call.
For these I’m thankful,
great and small.
And when they come to call,
I’m most thankful of all,
For that little room,
just down the hall!
 Warmest Greetings from
Jacobs Air Conditioning & Heating
(618) 529-2989

Give a unique gift
that’s sure to be remembered
for years to come.
Just call us and we’ll take care of the hard part while you get all the appreciation.
Ok, so maybe a new toilet isn’t exactly a glamorous gift but you have to admit that your old toilet with the plunger standing beside it isn’t all that glamorous either.
And when was a sluggish toilet ever welcome during the Holiday season?
Special Offer! 

Try our premium performance toilet for 30 days — if it doesn’t out perform your old toilet, we’ll put your old one back and give you a refund (and you won’t have to stand in line at the return counter!)
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Expert Service from People You Can Trust
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